Peaches En Regalia

Cider Made with Apples & Peaches | 5.9% ABV


Peaches En Regalia - Peach infused hard cider Marietta, GA

    About Treehorn Peaches En Ragalia

    A juicy peach at the peak of summer makes every day of heat worth it. Pairing the fragrant sweetness of peaches with the balanced acidity and tartness of apple is the perfect way to celebrate sunshine, long days and warm summer nights. Peaches en Regalia is fermented with apple juice mixed with locally sourced peach puree to maximize the taste of summer in Georgia.

    Treehorn Cider Salad
    Peaches en Regalia pairs beautifully with fresh, acidic salads

    With peach season in Georgia running from mid-May to mid-August or so, this one is only available for a limited time. In order to get Peaches en Regalia to you for the late summer months, we’ve got to get our hands on those season’s peak local peaches, puree them and start fermenting right away. Our goal is to do two big batches per year, but remember, when it’s gone, it’s gone until next summer, so load up while you can. As with all of our ciders, the hand-crafted nature of the product and natural variation in peach and apple crops will lead to small differences in flavor from year to year. We embrace this variation - it’s part of our commitment to using local ingredients - plus it’s fun to have spirit discussions about which year’s batches were the best!


    • Tart
    • Pleasantly Sweet
    • Citrus Aroma
    • Mineral Finish





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