Treehorn Ginger

Cider Infused with Fresh Ginger | 5.9% ABV


Treehorn Ginger Reserve - Marietta, GA Hard Cider

About Treehorn Ginger

Treehorn Ginger blends the complementary flavors of fresh apple and natural ginger root. Clean apple, a hint of citrus and light tartness is infused with the subtle bite and rich spice of ginger to create a balanced and refreshingly complex flavor profile. If you love ginger, this cider is for you. 

Treehorn Cider Thai CurryWhen it comes to food, Treehorn Ginger goes beautifully with spicy asian dishes like Thai curries, chicken tikka masala, crisp bitter lettuce salads and rich chocolatey desserts. Here’s another great thing about our Ginger Cider: in addition to being a deliciously complex beverage on its own, it’s also an absolutely outstanding cocktail mixer! The bold ginger flavor stands up beautifully to bourbon or rye, even 100 proof varieties. Add 2 oz. of spirit to a glass over ice (and a few dashes of bitters if you’re feeling saucy), then top up with Ginger and you’ve got one of America’s oldest cocktails: the Stone Fence (incidentally, the tipple of choice for our second President and known cider enthusiast - John Adams). Perhaps Moscow Mules (AKA a Marietta Mule) are more your speed? Just sub Treehorn Ginger for the usual ginger beer and you’ve got an even more complex cocktail with a little more kick!

We encourage you to experiment with your own cocktail creations as well! Hit us up at if you come up with a winner you think we should try.


  • Crisp Apple
  • Subtle Ginger Heat
  • Pleasantly Off-dry
  • Citrus

Available: Year-round

Packaging: 5.16 gallon kegs, 6 Pack cans

Nutrition Information: 154 calories, 6.8 grams carbohydrates (sugar)





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