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Our Process

Treehorn Hard Cider

Refreshing, high-quality craft cider starts with really good juice. Not artificially flavored, generic juice. Not imported concentrate purchased from the cheapest possible source. Local juice. Fresh juice. Juice from just-picked apples, bursting with flavor. We really grit our teeth about this part, because it matters and you’ll taste the difference.

Another thing that matters? Our choice of yeast. Each yeast strain is carefully chosen to complement the particular variety we’re creating. Some are wine yeasts, others are beer yeasts - it all depends on what we’re trying to achieve. Believe it or not, yeast has MORE effect on the final flavor of the cider than the juice itself.

Treehorn uses fresh-pressed juice from regional orchards, we’re committed to apples grown as close to Atlanta as possible – no more than 150 miles away. We believe supporting local agriculture is good for sustainability, the economy of our state, the environment, and most of all our taste buds. Fresh tastes good for a reason.

So that magic that happens to turn juice into cider? It’s a little bit like making wine. You need yeast, really big tanks and time to make the cider perfect. We age our ciders after primary fermentation in the classic tradition - this lets the flavors develop and deepen. Then it’s on to the bright tanks for carbonation, and finally kegging or canning so we can get it into your glass.

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