Amarillo By Morning

Apple & Grapefruit Cider Infused with Amarillo Hops | 5.9% ABV



Amarillo by Morning is Treehorn's unique twist on a juicy IPA. We've dry hopped our flagship dry cider with Amarillo hops, then infused it with the tart sweetness of fresh pink grapefruit juice to complement the distinct apple character you've come to know and love. Amarillo hops lend a flowery, spicy citrus-like flavor with a distinct orange bouquet. 

When it comes to food, Amarillo By Morning pairs well with fish and shellfish dishes, as well as avocado, Brussels sprouts and pungent goat cheeses. Its sweet enough to go nicely with desserts as well, particularly dishes flavored with honey or rosemary. 

A shrimp avocado dish
Amarillo By Morning is a little trickier as a cocktail mixer, but we've been experimenting with a spin on the Negroni that might just work. We're open to ideas, if you've found a mix that works, send it our way at


  • Sweet & Tart Grapefruit
  • Spicy, Earthy Hops
  • Bright Apple

    Amarillo By Morning is naturally gluten-free.

    2018 Silver GLINTCAP Award Winning Cider
    2018 Silver GLINTCAP medal award winning cider


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