Cider Infused with Gin Botanicals | 5.9% ABV


Treehorn Orgin Gin Infused Cider

About Treehorn Origin

IIn the dark of the middle ages, the Dutch first made genever, the earliest form of gin. During the Thirty Years’ War, the British appreciated the calming effect gin had on soldiers heading into battle, dubbing it “Dutch courage.” Origin elevates cider by adding something new but familiar, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of war.
Elements of juniper and citrus peel, followed by angelica root and coriander, impart the best of gin’s complex flavors to our crisp, dry cider. We’re big fans of high-quality spirits (and, let’s be honest, booze in general) and found the concept of adding gin botanicals to cider intriguing. To be clear, there’s no actual gin in Origin, but we do use the botanicals that give gin its flavor to infuse our flagship dry cider. The result is complex without being overbearing. We’ve played with the balance of botanical flavor in subsequent batches and feel like the current formula is spot on with just the right herbaceousness and a hint of spice.

Treehorn Cider fish recipe
Much like gin, Origin pairs well with fish dishes, savory quiches and casseroles and rich custards and puddings.

  • Herbaceous
  • Fresh
  • Bright
  • Subtle Spice

Available: Limited Annual Release

Packaging: 5.16 gallon kegs, 6 Pack Cans

Nutrition Information (per 12 oz. can): 154 calories, 6.8 grams carbohydrates (sugar)





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