Hoppy Little Trees

Cider Infused with Hops | 5.9% ABV


Available for only a limited time! Use map below to discover where in Atlanta, Athens and Savannah you can get it before it's gone!


About Hoppy Little Trees

We hear it all the time - “I don’t drink cider, but I really like yours”. In our ongoing quest to introduce quality craft hard cider to the masses, we decided to create a “gateway” product to entice those stubborn fence sitters who need a little extra encouragement to give us a try. To that end, Hoppy Little Trees bridges the gap between cider and beer by infusing our bright, dry apple cider with a burst of hop flavor. Most of our products are fermented with wine yeast, but Hoppy Little Trees uses an Hefeweizen yeast that gives this cider a crisp, clean finish, while dry-hopping with an aromatic blend of Mosaic, Chinook and Azacca hops gives it floral, pine and citrus notes, creating a refreshingly complex flavor that both beer and cider lovers can agree on.

Treehorn Cider meat dish
Take a generous whiff when you crack open a can or fill a pint - there’s a lot going on there! Like most of our ciders, Hoppy Little Trees pairs great with food, complementing spicy meals (we love pairing it with Indian curries), and rich grilled meat dishes. As far as the name, I’m sure our fans can appreciate the nod to a certain television painting instructor. We hope each can (or pour) of Hoppy Little Trees feels just as relaxing and refreshing as attacking a blank canvas.

  • Bright Apple
  • Floral
  • Citrus
  • Pine

Available: Limited Release

Packaging: 5.16 gallon kegs, 6 Pack Cans

Nutritional Information (per 12 oz can): 139 calories, 3 grams carbohydrates (sugar).





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